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5G Technologies

5G is the fifth-generation wireless technology with the potential to transform communication systems. It offers higher speeds, low latency and other benefits that will open up and power a wide range of existing and emerging technologies.
The 5G network delivers faster connections with much larger capacity and low latency (less than 1 millisecond compared to 30 milliseconds for 4G and 100 milliseconds for 3G).
Providers promise theoretical speeds up to a maximum of 10Gps, which is about a hundred times the 100Mbps 4G peak speed. Although the actual speeds will vary according to a range of factors and are unlikely to reach the maximum, the technology will offer a much better experience and opportunities than existing wireless technologies.
Today, a good number of technology companies and providers are developing and deploying these networks either in trial or commercial setups. Among the many possible use cases, mobile broadband deployment is currently leading and enabling high-speed data transfers for mobile devices.