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Well-ordered Mesoporous Titania (Tmf-108) with Bronze and Anatase Phases and Process for its Preparation thereof

Technology Category/Market

CategoryAdvance Materials and Manufacturing

Applications –Catalysis, Paints, Diagnostics, Cosmetics  Drug Delivery Systems,

Industry– Nanotechnology, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Healthcare

Market -The global microporous and mesoporous materials market size was USD 8,601.7million in 2021. The market is projected to touch USD 14,930 million by 2028 exhibiting a CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period.


Problem Statement

  • Generally, for synthesizing high quality ordered mesoporous materials, the high reactivity of titania precursor during hydrolysis leads to uncontrolled phase separation between surfactant template and precursor, therefore normally results in disordered framework.
  • Further, preparation of these materials encounters collapse of ordered mesoporous framework upon removal of the surfactant on calcination.


The present invention discloses semiconductor material that includes preparation of Well-ordered Mesoporous Titania (TMF-108) with Anatase and Titania-B (TiO2(B)) mixed phases.


  • Dissolving 0.274 mmol (4 g) F-108 triblock copolymer in 0.684 mol (40 mL) ethanol and stirring for 2 hours to obtain a homogenous solution
  • Adding drops of 0.115 mol (16 mL) TiCl4 (1 M in methylene chloride) under uniform stirring for 2 hours to obtain a clear solution(Molar ratio of TiCl4/F108/Ethanol =1:0.0023:5.94)
  • Pouring the resultant onto petri dish with uniform thickness and solvent is evaporated in an oven (40°C for , 7 days) where inorganic precursor hydrolyses and polymerized into a metal oxide framework
  • Calcining the resultant at 360°C for 4 h in air at 0.5°C/min to remove the surfactant and obtain well-ordered mesoporous TiO2 (TMF-108)

Key Features/Value Proposition

Technical Perspective

  • Unique combination of anatase and TiO2(B) mixed phases having high surface area, wide pore size distribution, and thick pore walls
  • The optimum precursor/surfactant ratio is a key to form thicker pore walls which gives stability to framework and prevents collapse of mesoporous structure during surfactant removal.

User Perspective:

  • TMF-108 can be used for photocatalytic dehydrogenation of ethanol and several other photocatalytic and photovoltaic application
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