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List of Active Licensed patents

1428A Swirl Mesh Lean Direct Injection Concept For Distributed Flame Holding For Low Pollutant Emissions And Mitigation Of Combustion Instability
1215Method For Improving The Mechanical Properties Of Paraffin Wax
1532Method Of Making Intricate Grainb Design For Solid Propellants Using Wax Based Disposable Mandrel.
2039A Low Temperature Solid Gas Generator
896System And Method For Predetermining The Onset Of Impending Oscillatory Instabilities In Practical Devices
1108System And Method For Detecting Precursors To Control Blowout In Combustion Systems
1137System And Method For Predetermining The Onset Of Impending Oscillatory Instabilities In Practical Devices
1541Apparatus To Estimate The Root Means Square Value Or The Amplitude Of Limit Cycle Oscillations In Systems That Encounter Oscillatory Instabilities And Methods Thereof
1734System And Method For Predetermining The Onset Of Impending Oscillatory Instabilities In Practical Devices
1737System And Method For Determining The Amplitude Of Oscillatory Instabilities In Fluid Mechanical Devices
1089A Five Degree-Of-Freedom Haptic Interface Device For Laparoscopic Simulation
1172A Non-Linear, Tunable Mechanism For Simulating Chest Stiffness In Hi-Fidelity Mannequins And Methods Thereof
853Cpr Mannequin With Variable, Non-Linear Chest Stiffness
1324Design And Fabrication Of Highly Sensitive U-Bent Plastic Optical Fiber (Pof) Probes With Optimum Geomentry
1447Fiber Optic Array Sensor System
1939Fiber Optic Measurement Device
1940Apparatus To Fabricate Fiber Optic Sensor Probes And Method Of Fabrication Thereof
1994Optical Fiber Probe And Method Of Forming Thereof
1298Process For Producing Hydrogel From Cyclic Beta Glucan And Carrageenan For Use In Cosmetic And Food Applications
1179Improved Method For Measuring Permeability Of Drugs/Toxic Chemical Compounds
929Novel Couette Geometry For Measurement Of In-Situ Dynamic
971Modified Couette Geometry For Measurement Of In-Situ Dynamic Viscosity Of Multiphase Systems Such As Emulsions
1005Cavitation Based Formation Of Gas Hydrate Slurries For Natural Gas Storage And Transportation
1136A Method To Recover Natural Gas From Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoirs
939Treatment Of Ceria Slurry With Hydrogen Peroxide And Reuse
1002Composite Materials For Fast And Energy Efficient Microwave Crucible And Susceptors
1016Synthesis And Use Of Ligand-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles
921Designing Molecules For Naked Eye Detection Of Fluoride Ions In Organic Medium
999Anion Mediated Lithium Air Battery
2384Catholyte Material For Aqueous Acidic Flow Battery
901Organic Polymer-Inorganic Fine Particle Antimicrobial Composites And Uses Thereof
814Organic-Templated-Boehmite-Nanoarchitecture: An Adsorbent Composition To Remove Arsenic And Fluoride From Drinking Water
916Luminescent Quantum Clusters Of Metals In Bulk By A Solid State Method
918Graphene Based Antimicrobial Composite And Uses Thereof
941Synthesis Of Quantum Clusters In Molecular Confinement-Rapid And Scalable Method
958Gel-Based Water Purification: Adsorbent Composition And Water Purification Device
981Graphene-Quantum Cluster Hybrid Molecule
982Mesoflowers For Enhanced Molecular Detection: Smart Barcodes
984Creation Of Heterojunction Nanowires
898Iron Hydroxyl Sulphate Based Cathode And Its Synthesis For Lithium Batteries
935Sb Doped Ba2Bilno6 As A Material For High Temperature Thermoelectric Application
1452Water Analysis Kit Copyright Of The User Manual
1393Point Of Use Water Treatment System
1453Water Analysis Kit For The Technology Knowhow
1845Flowable, Pre-Blended Cementitious Grout With Resistance To Bleeding And Softgrout For Structural And Geotechnical Applications
1177Kore Mool
1125A Filtering Means For Tracking Information Flow In Android Operated Devices
1126 AA Filtering Mechanism For Securing Linux Kernel
1126A Filtering Mechanism For Securing Linux Kernel
1182A Method And Apparatus To Certify And Verify Android Applications
1130Energy-Based Auto Correction And Repitition-Rate Optimization Of Laser Pulses-System, Apparatus And Methods Therefor
782Synchronized Optoelectronic Pulse Generator Useful For Gated Photon Detection
1659Portable Electronic Braille Note Taker Device
1261Microfluidic Flow Anslyzer For Pathological Detection And Method Thereof
2042A System And Method For Simultaneous Live-Cell Imaging And Growing
2123System For Plug-And-Play Differential Phase Encoded Measurement-Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution
1015Fiber-Based Dynamic Interrogator For Vibration Sensing
1670Method Of Searching Through Ternary Content Addressable Memory (Tcam) And System Thereof
1635Grid-Connected P-V Inverter System And Method Of Load Sharing Thereof
1629An Active Method Of Islanding Detection
905Dc Capacitor Balancing In Voltage Source Inverters
2284Multimodal Learning Framework For Recommending Greenhouse Gas Optimization Strategies Based On Healthcare Activity System Method And Computer Program Product
2285System For Information Extraction And Mining And Method And Computer Program Product Thereof
2286Multimodal Learning Framework For Carbon Footprint Prediction For Healthcare Procurement And Waste Management Activities System Method And Computer Program Product
2287A System And Method For Monitoring Carbon Expediture Anticipated Carbon Footprint Prediction And Recommendation System Method And Computer Program Product
2283Multimodal Learning Framework For Activity-Based Carbon Footprint Prediction For Healthcare System Method And Computer Program Product
1582Underwater Glider With Flexible Chamber For Variable Buoyancy
1582-AUnderwater Glider With Flexible Chamber For Variable Buoyancy
973Intelligent Universal Seat And Backrest Cover For Haptic And Other Feedback To Monitor And Provide Intervention Based On Driver Fatigue And / Or Behavior
1151Engineered Pericardium And Derivatives For Uses In Medicine Pharmaceuticals Food And Cosmetics
1292Apparatus And System For Occluding And Opening A Blood Vessel [2_Jaw Design]
1362Apparatus And System For Occluding And Opening Blood Vessel
974Intelligent Universal Steering Cover For Haptic And Other Feedback To Monitor And Provide Intervention Based On Driver Fatigue And / Or Behavior
1008Novel Segmented Strip Design For A Magnetostriction Sensor (Mss) Using Amorphous Material For Long Range Inspection And Structural Health Monitoring At High Temperatures
1690Devices And Methods Of Sensing Properties Of Fluids
1275A Novel Ultrasonic Waveguide Technique For Distributed Sensing And Measurements Of Physical And Chemical Properties Of Surrounding Media
1436Guided Wave Mode Selected Ultrasonic Transucers For Leave-In-Place High Bulk-Nondestructive Evaluation, Based On Magnetostrictive Amorphous Metallic Strips
1884A System For Monitoring Flow Of Fluid Through A Pipeline
1885Ports Or Ports Which Stands For Portable Rheology & Temperature Sensor
2079Method And System For Remotely Measuring Properties Of A Fluid
2102System And Method For Remotely Monitoring Health Of A Structure
2209An Apparatus For Determining Surface Temperature Of An Object And A Method Thereof
1020-BA Novel Waveguide Technique For The Simultaneous Measurement Of Temperature Dependent Properties Of Materials
2220A Homogenizing Device For Mixing Sludge Of A Septic Tank
2221A Feeding Mechanism For A Drilling System
2238Design Of A Synchronous Electromechanical Actuator With Telescopic Shafts Based Feeding System That Can Transmit Both Linear And Rotational Motions
2239Machine For Efficient Homogenisation Of Septic Tank Sludge
1858 AImproved Hotwire Cutting Machine
1858-BImproved Hotwire Cutting Machine
1858-CImproved Hotwire Cutting Machine
1858-DImproved Hotwire Cutting Machine
1858Improved Hotwire Cutting Machine
1244Prosthetic Knee For Uneven Terrain
1518Easy To Use Portable Manual Standing Wheelchair With Safety Features And For Outdoor Use
1576Portable Manual Standing Wheelchair
1738An Extended Wheel Chair With A Wheel Chair And An Attachment Device For The Wheel Chair
1342Attachment Mechanism To Convert Manual Wheelchair Into Tricycle Or Motorized Wheelchair
872A Multi-Position Wheelchair
2198Uv-Light Integrated Ultraspinning Device For High Throughput Production Of Non-Woven Polymer And Ceramic Nanofibers/Microfibers
925Energy Harvesting From Vibrations
950Timer Valve
1809High Energy Fracking Device For Focused Shock Wave Generation For Oil And Gas Recovery Applications
917Enhancement Of Raman Scattering Signal By Using Photonic Nanojet Of A Single Microsphere
904Liquid Composite Dielectric Material
1018Pzt Thin Films On Diamond Substrates Without Buffer Layer
1542Highly Adhesive Cvd Grown Boron Doped Diamond Graded Layer On Wc-Co
910Magnetite Decorated Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Based Portable Water Filter
913Polyaniline-Graphite Nanoplatelets As Cost Effective Co2 Solid Adsorbent
1017Ruthenium Oxide-Graphite Nanoplatelets Nanocomposite Based Supercapacitor
1013Offshore Triceratops For Ultra-Deep Water Oil Exploration
1294Carbon Dioxide Separator Membrane Structure Method Of Manufacturing Same And Carbon Dioxide Separator Including Same


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