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Technology: Method and system for treatment of wastewater powered by solar energy;

Industry & Application: Environmental Engg.,  Waste-water treatment;

Market: The global  wastewater treatment technologies market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.78% during 2024-2028.

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Problem Statement

  • In the present era, effective treatment of wastewater and reuse is important in tackling the problems of water scarcity.
  • Decentralized wastewater treatment system is one of the methods to treat the wastewater at the point of origin itself, and implementation of the system need special monitoring and standardization for effective use of the system implemented in small institutions. The conventional system is often contains low Chemical oxygen demand (COD) & very high ammonia & etc. which leads to costlier, inefficient system. Hence, there is a need to address said issues.


  • The present invention describes a method and system for treatment of wastewater powered by Solar Energy.
  • Further said solar powered system provides opportunity to operate decentralized wastewater treatment system in a sustainable manner.
  • The system comprises mechanical filtration in screen chamber, solid-liquid separation in a modified septic tank (MST) with inclined plates at the inlet, removal of organic matter in an aerobic attached growth system to obtain biologically filtered clarified water filtration by a rapid sand filter for non-organic contaminant removal and finally ensuring of the quality of the treated water by monitoring system before storing it for non-potable use.(Refer Fig. 1)

Key Features/ Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

  • Said System can be standalone unit or add-on unit that is integrated into an existing toilet system.
  • The system yields good quality treated water with 80% of chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal and 95% of TSS removal.
  • A system for the treatment of wastewater comprising the modified septic tank for solid-liquid separation in efficient manner.
  • The solar powered air blower & air diffuser enables nitrification of the wastewater during day time and denitrification during night, ensuring the efficient removal of ammonia and nitrates from the wastewater without use of any chemicals in the system,
  • It saves freshwater consumption, leads to zero waste to the environment and improves small institution like schools’ hygiene and sanitation.

Industrial Perspective:

  • Facilitates sustainable standalone unit.
  • Useful for saving fresh water and for saving the energy required to transport the wastewater and its treatment cost reduced.
  • The standalone unit provides with an online monitoring system and requires less land space.

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Research Lab

Prof. Ligy Philip

Department of  Civil Engineering,

Prof. Boby George

Department of  Electrical Engineering,

Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref. 1784

  • IN Patent No: 394888

Technology Readiness Level


 Proof of Concept ready, tested in lab and two pilot scale plants installed in the field.

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