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A Method of Producing High Performance Magnesium Alloy Sheets

Technology Category/Market

Categories: Advance Material, Chemistry & Chemical Analysis

Industry: Aerospace, Automotive, electronic, Advanced Chemical  Materials Manufacturing

Applications: Ductile Mg alloy sheet manufacturing in Sheet Metal Industry particularly interested in light weighting of aerospace and automotive vehicles, Rolling, Sheet development, Light weight metal, Thermo-mechanical processing

Market: The global magnesium alloys market size to be valued at $6.62B by 2027 and is expected to grow at 9.9% CAGR during the forecast period.


Problem Statement

  • Magnesium alloy sheet containing Mg (in hexagonal closed packed (HCP) crystal structure at room temp) & other alloying elements is a major engineering challenge, limiting its use to cast form and restricting to lightweight structural materials of aerospace & automotive sectors.
  • It is evident that, by using Rolling technique to make Mg alloy sheets, one of ductility or strength is compromised while trying to improve the other.
  • Also, this technique involve multiples processing stages in manufacturing of magnesium alloy sheet, making process a complicated, time consuming & costly process.
  • Hence, the present patent is directed to solve the limitations stated above.


The present patent discloses method (FIG-1) of producing high performance magnesium alloy sheets comprises:

  • preparing a Mg alloy ingot (at least one ZK60, AZ31 and WE43 magnesium (Mg) alloys) with engineered initial microstructure with enhanced microstructural conditions;
  • heating the Mg alloy ingot in muffle furnace with an inert environment to a predetermined temp (either 250°C or 400°C) ingot for 23-25 minutes;
  • subjecting the Mg alloy ingot to a hot rolling process with rolling speed of 12 revolution per minute (rpm) with a thickness reduction between 50% & 70% in a single pass;
  • imparting rolling loads ranging between at least one of 57-63 tons and 45-50 tons during the hot rolling process to produce two grades of high performance Mg alloy sheets.

Key Features/Value Proposition

  • Increase in ductility & strength.
  • Less manufacturing stages involved.
  • High productivity & More economical.
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  • IITM IDF No. 2154
  • Application No. 419749 (Granted)

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