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Structural Frame for Impingement Noise Reduction

Technology Category/ Market

Category –Acoustics, Aeroacoustics, Noise control/Reduction Technology

Applications –Vertical Aircraft Systems, Thrust reducer of aircraft,  Automotive, Rocket Launch Pads, Household Appliances

Industry –Aerospace and Aviation, Manufacturing and Industrial Processes, Rocket and Space Technology, Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics.


Global Noise suppression Components,

Market size was valued at $13.1Billion in 2021 and is poised to grow from $14.83 Billion in 2022 to $39.98 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.2% in the forecast period (2023-2030)

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Problem Statement

  • Impingement noise is a concern in vertical aircraft systems (VTOL), Thrust reducer, rocket launching, machining processes, and similar applications.
  • Existing methods have limitations in reducing impingement noise without compromising other aspects.
  • A versatile solution is needed to address both subsonic and supersonic jets effectively.
  • The invention aims to mitigate impingement noise by optimizing pressure drop across panels while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Provides an efficient and adaptable noise reduction approach for various scenarios.


  • The key technology in this invention is the unique frame design with a heterogeneous grid that allows high-speed gas flow while reducing impinging jet noise.
  • The invention utilizes specific materials for different applications – high-temperature resistive concrete for aerospace, plastic for household and industrial use.
  • Effective for both subsonic and supersonic jets – reduces coherent structure impact for subsonic jets and mitigates shock oscillations for supersonic jets, reducing distinct tones.
  • The technology optimizes frame thickness and porosity to achieve desired noise reduction levels by controlling pressure drop.
  • Applicable in various fields, such as rocket launching, high-speed jet cutting, household appliances, and VTOL vehicles, offering noise reduction and power-saving benefits.
  • Applicable to reduce exhaust noise of automobiles and industrial process plants etc;

Key Features/ Value Proposition

  • High-temperature resistive porous panel with a heterogeneous grid structure.
  • Effectively reduces impingement noise in both subsonic and supersonic jets, including broadband turbulent mixing noise and distinct tonal noise.
  • Versatile application in vertical aircraft systems, high-speed machines, rocket launch pads, and household appliances.
  • Optimizes pressure drop to ensure noise reduction without compromising airflow or structural integrity, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.

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Research Lab

Prof. Srinivasan K

TDCE, Lab. Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Abhijit Dhamanekar (Former PhD Student)

Research Associate, JNCASR Bangalore

Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref. 1349
  • IN 434937 (PATENT GRANTED)

Technology Readiness Level

TRL- 3/4

 Proof and concept validated

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