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System and Method for Encoding and Decoding Ethnic Data Into Genetic Codes

Technology Category/Market

  • Technology: Encoding & Decoding Ethnic Data;

    Industry: Mythology, Traditional Knowledge Database, Government & Defense, Banking;

    Applications: Mythology, Archival, Quality Control, Research & Prototyping & etc.

    Market: The global DNA digital data storage market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 64.4% during period from 2022 to 2035.

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Problem Statement

  • In the present era, for healthy and multi-cultured world, there is indeed requirement of hearing or chanting tales of ancient lore such as ancient mantras & etc. (ethnic data).
  • To preserve the wealth of precious resource of ethnic data into the conventional digital medium such as PDFs, CD, DVDs & other digital forms are not safe, secure and damageable after a prescribed time period.
  • Therefor, it is very challenging for storing and protecting such ethnic data and those data are essential to protect in a highly encrypted format.
  • Hence there is need to address the above issues by introducing the subject present invention.


  • Present invention describe about a system and method for encoding & decoding ethnic data including ancient mantras, slogans, & verses into genetic codes.
  • The system comprises a VKRSV encoding module used for encoding the ethnic data into a genetic code wherein the genetic code stores ethnic data for a longer period.
  • The encoded data can be stored as a DNA nucleotide sequence format.
  • A VKRSV decoding module is used for retrieving and decoding the encoded data.

The System operation is explained using a with smart-chart, figures.

  • 1ST step talks about Encoding technic using a VKRSV encoding module for encoding the ethnic data into genetic data;
  • 2nd step describes about the storing the encoded data in one or more DNA nucleotide sequence format; and
  • Finally retrieving the encoded data using a VKRSV decoding module, wherein the decoding module operates on retrieving and decoding the encoded data, coverting from nucleotide format to digital patterns either digital 2 bits or decimal format;

Key Features/Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

The encoded data  stored as a DNA nucleotide sequence format which is capable to store large amount of data in terms of Terabytes for longer period.

Industrial Perspective:

Ancient Mythology can easily be stored, secured and protected as a treasure of India & world.

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Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref. 1718;
  • Patent Application No: 201841028950
  • PCT Application No:PCT/IN2019/000025

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