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Technology Category/ Market

Category – Medical devices 

Applications –Breath monitor, sensors, dielectric, Biomedical devices and training modules, tracking systems   

Industry – Healthcare, Electrical

Market -Medical Devices Market size is expected to grow from USD 63.4 billion in 2022 to USD 134.56 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 11.35% in the forecast period

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Problem Statement

  • Medical parameters such as breathing rate may be one of best early predictors of decline of health
  • Breathing rate trends enables neonatal care, home monitoring of chronically ill, sleep studies on sleep apnea, deception via polygraph and long-term tracking of health conditions of invalids.
  • Conventional methods involves the limitations such as restricting patient’s mobility, causing physiological discomfort and psychological stress


  • The said outer covering prepared from a preselected fabric is configured to accommodate a user’s body over the sensing platform at a predefined distance
  • The capacitive coupling between the user’s body and the sensing platform creates an electric field, wherein a breathing activity of the user creates a change in the electric field
  • The sensing platform comprises a sensing sheet made of a bed linen material with a conductive fabric constituting electrodes
  • The said conductive fabric comprises a copper and nickel coated polyester fabric.
  • The inner electrode comprises a rectangular shape electrode selected in predefined dimensions
  • The two outer electrodes are maintained at a ground potential
  • The breathing activity changes each of chest dimensions of the user and abdominal portions of the user.
  • Measurement unit comprises an analog to digital converter to generate the output as a digital output for deriving the breathing rate.
  • The said measuring unit is configured to measure a change in a variable capacitance due to a change in the electric field

Key Features/ Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

  • The present invention provides a sensing device and method for monitoring breathing rate by the production of electric field created due to a change in the breathing activity of a user.
  • Includes a sensing platform with at least one inner electrode connected to a voltage source and at least two outer electrodes maintained at a ground potential and insulating layer and outer layer.
  • The said measuring unit measures the variable capacitance created due to a capacitive coupling between the user’s body and the at least two outer electrodes

User Perspective:

  • Simple, efficient and cost- effective device which does not  restrict the patient mobility
  • Also suitable for neonatal patients and burn victims

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