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Method And Device For Ultrasound Imaging Using Compressed Sensing Approach

Technology Category/Market

Technology: Ultrasound imaging using Compressed sensing approach;

Industry: Material Inspection/Manufacturing;

Applications: Ultrasound imaging applications;

Market: The global ultrasound imaging system & software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of (7.5%-11.1%) during 2023 to 2031.


Problem Statement

  • Conventional ultrasound transducer consists of many array elements & a focused beam forming (CFB) uses a subset of transducer array elements for the transmission & reception of ultrasound signals.
  • The backscattered signals are received by the active aperture & appropriate time delays are applied to perform dynamic focusing on receiver, to obtain a single beam formed amplitude line (A-line).
  • Further prior arts ultrasound system(s) and compressed sensing techniques suffer costlier complex heavy system and having disadvantages to store the sample data in the computer for processing purpose.
  • Hence, there is needed to address above issues in efficient manner.


  • An improved method & device for ultrasound imaging using compressed sensing (CS) approach is disclosed depict in Figures.
  • Explains about focused image acquisition strategy based on Gaussian distribution.
  • The proposed invention specifically describes about the strategically acquire raw ultrasound echo RF signal from only underdamped transducer array aperture and utilize compressed sensing calculations on these RF data to recover the missing data, before an image is formed.
  • The proposed method involved said CS-recovered RF data which are analogous to the full sampled RF data of a larger aperture being under sampled in both lateral & axial direction.
  • The proposed sampling scheme chooses the location of active receive elements randomly from a larger aperture wherein the locations of the active receive elements are chosen from the Gaussian distribution, with a mean of the distribution at the center of the larger aperture.
  • RF data acquired from the chosen receive elements are then randomly under  sampled in the axial direction based on either using uniform distribution or Gaussian distribution, with a mean of the distribution at the transmit focus.             
  • The beam formed RF data matrix is demodulated & log compressed to obtain the ultra sound image.

Key Features/Value Proposition

Technical & Industrial Perspective:

  • The patent facilitates the strategic lateral-under sampling for channel data, which is extended to synthetic transmit aperture techniques using uniform distribution approach & achieve improved image quality for a given number of active elements.
  • Cost-effective method for Industrial manufacturing and inspection process.
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  • IITM IDF Ref. 1679

  • Patent No: 416703

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