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Multiple Cone-Air Splitter Based Fan For Uniform Air Distribution

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Technology:  Multiple Cone-Air Splitter Based Fan;

Industry & Application: Home Appliances, domestic/commercial Fans;

Market: The global Fan market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% during 2024-2031.

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Problem Statement

  • Generally, conventional fans does not provide cool breeze due to the movement & circulation of the air flow creates a ‘wind chill’ or breeze and, as a result, the user experiences a cooling effect as heat is dissipated through convection and evaporation.
  • Further a few prior arts fans are discussed herein with different shape & sizes, however said fans suffers in high pressure drop, high energy consumption, generate noise, vibration & space restriction to accommodate. Hence, there is a need to address said issues in efficient matter.


  • The present invention describes a multiple cone-air splitter based fan device which provides consistent flow rate by distributing the air in a uniform velocity & thereby effectively circulate air in domestic & commercial environments.
  • The multiple cone-air splitter based fan device comprising a cylindrical housing, an axial fan with motor, a multiple cone-air splitter unit, at least four screw rod locknut.
  • The cylindrical housing facilitates the air intake into the fan device.
  • The multiple cone-air splitter unit provides a consistent flow rate by distributing the air in a uniform velocity.
  • A pair of screw rod locknut configured with axial fan motor.
  • The multiple cone-air splitter unit comprises an upper cone that is attached to the cylindrical housing; a middle cone; & an inner cone that are attached to two base plates of different size with the help of heel joints wherein each cone is split into two equal halves & connected by a flexible cloth to provide a uniform air distribution.
  • In addition to this. the pair of screw rod locknut configured with the separate motor is integrated with a gear to adjust the direction of the multiple cone air splitter depending on the required air flow.

Key Features / Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

  • The axial fan is driven by (AC/DC) motor, which is centrally supported in the housing by means of a pair of clamps.
  • The multiple cone-air splitter based fan device is an unique light weight design that operates with minimum noise.
  • The device is configured with a lamp assembly unit at the centre of the cone to provide lightning effect.
  • The multiple cone-air splitter unit configured with the fan device helps in covering the blades of the fan securely & providing uniform air distribution to circulate air.
  • The Multi cone-air splitter-based fan can be adjusted at different angle for a consistent flow rate with the help of screw lock rod mechanisms.

Industrial Perspective:

  • The multiple cone-air splitter-based fan device is a unique lightweight design that operates with minimum noise.
  • Provide cost effective improved weight-less, compact fan device.
  • May be redesigned the Fan Shape based on user requirement like the fan device may be configured with a centralized air conditioning applications to provide uniform air circulation at a consistent velocity.
  • Applicable in Domestic Appliances/ Commercial Area.
  • Applicable in Industrial Area also based on requirements.

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Prof. Prasad B V SSS,

Department of  Mechanical Engineering

Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref. 2027

  • IN Patent No:493380

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