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A Device & a Language Technology for Indian Languages

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Technology: Transliteration system for all the Indian languages into a single unique script called as “Bharati“; Industry: National Library & TKDL; Application Phone Apps

Market: The global language services market size id growing at a CAGR of 6.32% during 2024-2029.

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Problem Statement

  • In the present era, there is a need of the art to develop an easy to learn script, which is made of a small number of strokes & suitable for use in Online Handwritten Character Recognition (OHCR) systems & has a rational composition.
  • Further, there is no solutions discussed in the prior art patent literatures, & Present invention is addressed the issues efficiently.


  • Present invention describes a device & a multilingual language technology for Indian languages.
  • Further subject invention discussed about said device which is installed with an application capable of understading the script & translating it to a desired Indian language.
  • The script of the present invention is made of a small number of strokes & has a rational composition, which is easy to learn, & suitable for use in OHCR systems.

Key Features / Value Proposition

  • Present invention provides a transliteration system for all the Indian languages into a single unique script called as “Bharati“.
  • Bharati script is entirely new script, consist of minimum characters having small number of strokes, that do not belongs to any language but transliterate all the major Indian language script.
  • Thus our transliteration system includes a user interface with an application pre-programmed with Bharati characters that automatically identifies a text in an Indian language & transliterates the text.
  • The tens of thousands of characters in all the major Indian languages can be transliterated using only these Bharati characters.
  • A lot of morphologies of Bharati used are drawn from typically occurring themes in Indian alphabets systems & in English alphabets.
  • Bharati vowels are distinguished by a unique diacritic added to a common base which resembles a ‘c’ character turned leftwards, indicating the character as a pure vowel.
  • Recommended to implement the system in Traditional Knowledge Digital Library & other National Indian Libraries.

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Research Lab

Prof. V Srinivasa Chakravarthy,

Department of Biotechnology

Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref. 875

  • Patent No:377318;

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Proof of concept tested in Lab;

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