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Technology Category/ Market

Technology: LCD-supported thin film graphene electrodes;

Industry: Sensors, Environmental Engineering;

Applications: Advanced Materials, Opto-electronic device;

Market: The global graphite electrode market is projected to $12.79B by 2032, at a CAGR of 10.3% during 2022-2032.

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Problem Statement

  • Generally, formation of graphene thin film electrodes involve coating of graphene oxide (GO) on to the conductive support matrix & subsequent reduction through electrochemical approach.
  • Conventional patent and non-patent literatures have discussed supporting matrices which required binders or linkers to enhance the connectivity between graphene and supporting matrix.
  • However, said prior arts do not disclosed the method of developing an electrode with a conductive thin film graphene based layer without any binder or linker.
  • Hence, there is a need to mitigate above challenges & provide efficient solution.


  • Present Patent discloses a binder-free, linker-free thin film electrode for use in a cell for removing contaminants from water.
  • Further, subject patent discloses a method of fabricating a binder-free, linker-free thin film electrode for use in a cell for removing contaminants from water.
  • The electrode is being fabricated from a liquid crystal display (LCD) touch screen panel, wherein the electrode is configured with a conductive thin film graphene based layer.
  • Patented Method is projected in the flowchart shown hereinbelow:
  • In discussion with the above process, a thin film coating over the substrate is obtained without the addition of binders or linkers.
  • Coating thickness is in range of 50-100nm.
  • Said LCD touch panel matrix assembly is configured with multiple layers including a top conductive layer, a second black matrix layer, a third ITO layer, and a bottom glass layer, shown in Fig. 2.
  • Furthermore, a method of treating contaminated water using said electrode is disclosed.

Key Features/ Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

  • Simple and Facile way for the formation of cost-effective binder/linker free thin film graphene electrode.
  • Conductive polymeric dyes present on the surface of the LCD enhances the attachment of graphene oxide(GO) & act as electrochemical platform for the electrochemical reduction of GO. (Refer Figs. 3A & 3B)
  • GO was drop casted onto LCD support matrix and dried to form uniform thin film.
  • The eco-friendly electrode is electrochemically reduced & is characterized by amine, amide or aromatic C-H bonds between the polymeric dye layer and the graphene.

Industrial Perspective:

  • Provides a sensor for the electrochemical detection of contaminants in water.
  • Facilitates a cost-effective sensor & also photovoltaic cell applications.

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Prof. Indumathi M Nambi,

Department of Civil Engineering.


Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref.:1597

  • IN Patent No. 415489

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TRL- 4

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