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Liquid Micro-marbles and a Process and Applications of Encapsulated Liquids in Particulate Materials

Technology Category/Market


Industry: Petrochemical, continuous process Industries; Applications: Liquid storage & handling, gas sensing, biochemical reaction engineering, bulk liquid transport;

Market: The global equipment market size is projected at a CAGR of 4.5% during period of 2022-2030.


Problem Statement

  • In the instance, a few prior arts method/techniques have discussed related to ultra phobic surfaces of the carrier cause liquids, micro fluidic device, other fluidic handling components, however unable to provide solutions as discussed in the present invention.
  • Hence, there is a need to introduce present method which produce desired size of liquid marbles.


  • Present invention describes a method of condensation on a nanoparticulate matrix to continuously produce liquid marbles. (Refer Smart Chart)
  • Further, said process is driven by condensation on a nanoparticulate matrix to continuously produce liquid marbles whose mean size can be controlled in the range of diameters from 3µm to 1000 µm.
  • The claimed process provides the condensation-driven marble formation, wherein the process is causing the formation of liquid marbles into droplet nucleation followed by growth driven by condensation. The simulation results are given hereinbelow:

Key Features/Value Proposition

Technical Perspective:

  • The nucleation rate of droplets is dependent on the number density of hydrophilic surface defects of the particulate material.
  • The hydrophobic particulate material is HMDS nano particulate material.
  • Facilitates a cost-effective flexible method in terms of condensation-driven marble formation process.
  • Said method of nucleation, condensation and collision coalescence of liquid droplets on a nano particulate matrix made of long chain nano particle chains of fumed silica with hydrophilic chain having spots of untreated silica regions which are hydrophilic to continuously produce liquid marbles.
  • Produced liquid marbles are having controlled size in the range of 3µm to 1000 µm.

Industrial Perspective:

  • Liquid marbles are applicable as liquid storage, gas sensing, rapid, large scale biochemical reaction engineering, & bulk liquid transport.
  • In addition to this, applicable in the areas where high viscosity liquids need to be transported.
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Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula,

Department of Applied Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering

Intellectual Property

  • IITM IDF Ref.:892 

  • Patent No. 302010

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TRL- 3/4

Proof of concept is ready and validated in lab. 

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