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Technology: A method of providing a customized visual summary of a product listed in e-commerce platform and any platform with abundant text or reviews.

Industry & Applications: E-Commerce Platforms, News, Sports commentary etc.

Market: Indian e-commerce is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27%, almost three times the overall retail market by 2026.

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Problem Statement

  • Online platforms have transformed consumer shopping and decision-making by providing comprehensive information and access to feedback from previous customers
  • Yet, online consumers face challenges due to diverse alternatives, dynamic user information, and uncertainty with Word of Mouth, especially for rural individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Though publications address aspects of consumer-generated reviews and automatic understanding of product attributes, they fall short in tackling challenges related to highly subjective or fake reviews, the complexity of user-generated data, and usability of the platform.
  • Thus, a need exists for online product reviews to be presented in an attractive, customized format, providing up-to-date information to improve user experience and facilitate buying decisions especially to rural customers and rural entrepreneurs


  • The technology focus on simplifying e-commerce information for rural users through visual summaries in a chosen language. Initially demonstrated in e-commerce, the application’s versatility extends to any platform with abundant text, enabling efficient summarization in various contexts like news and sports commentary.
  • The method comprising the following steps:

Key Features/ Value Proposition

Technical Perspective 

  • The versatile application, showcased in e-commerce (Fig 2), is applicable to summarizing extensive text or reviews in diverse platforms like news and sports commentary.
  • It is language agnostic and designed to work seamlessly regardless of the language in which the underlying code or content is written.

Industrial Perspective

  • Create an advanced and tailored visual interface that optimizes user experience, elevating the accessibility and efficiency in managing extensive textual information (Fig 3).

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  • IITM IDF Ref. 1552

  •   Patent No. 458007

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